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Bateau-reg: Get your new circulation card or act of francization



Use a team of Nautical Professionals to report a change of boat owner, first ship registration, or engine change

Ship owners, let our services guide you and get your documents as soon as possible!

What change do you want to make on your traffic card or act of francization

Shipping titles

Inland water navigation titles

By applying for an online travel card, you support the SNSM

7,000 volunteers in the sea

The SNSM is a recognized association of public utility. It mainly lives on private donations. Thanks to your online approach, we are proud to support the Société Nationale de Sauvetage en mer. A pro and dispo team!

Act of Francization? Circulation card? Don't worry, accompany you c ' is our job.

In order to avoid#x27administrative shipwreck and because sailing should always be a pleasure, we take your steps with the maritime affairs, prefectures and customs of your region.

Regardless of the type of navigation title you wish to obtain, entrust us with your request.

Naviguez tranquil, we take care of your papers!

About us:

Mandate a team of shipwreck professionals to do your leisure activities.

We know how complicated your maritime administrative approaches can be: to which service to contact? Customs, the Maritimes, the Prefecture? Act of Francization or Map of Circulation?

My boat measures more than 7 m but has a motor of less than 22 Kw, what are the papers I have to transmit?

So many parameters and questions that cannot be taken lightly under penalty d 'an administrative shipwreck ...

This is why proposes you to take care of your formalities. Just choose the approach that interests you and fill out our corresponding form. It's simple and without moving from home! is a team of passionate sea professionals committed to making life easier for boaters. Contact us, we are available and will answer all your questions.


Escape to the administrative puzzle. Take your online approach, just follow the instructions

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Reasonable price, time respected, customer service is top

A. RIOU (sea professional)

1, 2, 3 steps to follow and your documents are delivered at home, bravo and thank you:)

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