Papers to be handed over when selling a boat

The essentials when buying a pleasure boat

No matter what activity is on the water, buy a new motor boat, sailboat or jet ski you need to pay some special attention to the formalities that await you.

The navigation title

The seller does not want to give me the original traffic card

To begin, make sure you get the ORIGINAL documents attesting to the ownership of the ship, it is the seller's duty to provide the buyer with a readable and valid navigation title, check out our article on traffic maps and francization deed

The seller only has a photocopy of the ship's papers

If the former owner offers you a photocopy of the circulation card or the deed of francisation, as it is the only proof of ownership he possesses, you must also ask him for a handwritten letter attesting to the honour that the photocopy is indeed the only document he possesses, accompanied by a photocopy of his identity card on both front/back or passport.

The owner of the boat I want to buy does not have the grey card of the boat

WARNING, apart from the fact that we are not talking about a grey card for a boat but a navigational title, no matter which one, if it is not in the name of the person who sells you the boat, i.e. if the seller has not made the transfer of ownership of the boat to his name,we advise edgy of making the transaction.


In case the seller does not offer you any navigation title, know that it will be almost impossible for you to register the boat in your name, beware of advertisements at low prices or donations without a traffic card or deed of francization, these are false bargains!

Certificate of transfer or deed of sale for pleasure boats

Don't take the drafting of the deed of sale lightly! For more information on how to complete a deed of selling boats between individuals, visit our page dedicated to this stage IMPORTANTS

Documents attached to the sale of a boat

It is also very important to pass on when selling, when these are available:

Bill to buy the boat, essential for a first registration of new boat

Bill or deed of sale of the engine or engines, essential in case you want to declare the engine change of the boat

Written declaration of compliance, also indispensable for all boats purchased in France at the time of the first registration, or for all boats purchased outside France built after 16 June 1998.


Please consult us prior to the signing of the deed of sale to verify that the boat has all the necessary documents.

Papers to be handed over when selling a boat –