Driving a motor boat with a foreign permit in French waters

For pilot a motorboat In France, navigators of French nationality generally pass the Permit to drive engine boats: an exam made up of theoretical and practical tests, which are more commonly called the "boat license ».

The candidates choose a driving title corresponding to the interior waters, the coastal or hauturière zone, depending on their possible ship, their wishes and their navigation program. They submit to the exam and then obtain a permit which allows them to navigate while respecting the regulations.
But what about foreign browser, recently installed on the territory or on vacation on the French coast, which would have obtained its Boat license abroad ? To what measures did he have the
right to navigate these waters?

To all those who plan to navigate in French waters, but are not in possession of a driving title issued in France, boat-immamarculation.com helps you understand what
regulations apply in your case. So what are the possibilities available to you?

Navigate with a foreign permit

The authorization to navigate depends on two factors: the nationality of the boating and the origin of the driving title.

  • If you are French nationality or a member country of theEuropean Union (EU) and that you have obtained a driving title in any community country, you authorized to drive a motor boat in French waters.
    Be careful however: Navigation must be done within the limits defined by your boat license which, in the event of control, must be original, valid, and have been translated by a sworn professional.
  •  If your nationality is established in a country outside the European Union and whether you have a driving title obtained in your country, or within the EU, same conditions apply.
  • On the other hand, if you are not European nationality, that you only have a permit of a country which is not part of the European Union and which is not yours, You are not allowed to drive a motor boat in French territorial waters.

Article 2, first part, Decree n ° 2007-1167 of August 2, 2007

Maritime waters, the driving of sailing boats, even equipped with an auxiliary engine, is not subject to the possession of a license

Interior waters, The driving of the sailing boats equipped with an engine with a power greater than 4.5 kilowatts is subject to the possession of a driving license valid in interior waters and corresponding to the length of the boat.

Obtain the equivalence of the French boat license

Have you already been given the driving license for engine boats in a country other than France? Know that it is generally easier and faster to get the equivalence of the French permit, than to iron all the tests.

If you are of French nationality or a member country of the European Union, or nationalized in a country outside the EU and in possession of a permit obtained within the EU, you can claim a French permit by equivalence.

You will have to send a request file to the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea (DDTM) in Seine-Maritime or to the Nord-Pas-de-Calais navigation service, depending on whether you wish to obtain the “Côteière coastal "Or" interior waters "option.

The application for the delivery of a driving title consists of several documents depending on your situation: form to be completed, Original of the accompanied driving title From its translation, program of the examination possibly as proof, copy of identity document and certificates held, medical certificate of less than 6 months, tax stamp, envelope freed at the recommended rate ... for more information, you You will have to contact the competent services of your locality, in France. The issuance of Coastal permit by equivalence may require additional certificates or exams:

  • If your boat license has been obtained in a member country of the European Union, you will also have to justify a Restricted radiotelephonist certificate or an equivalent title.
  • If you have been awarded outside the EU, you will have to submit to the theoretical tests of French boat license "Coastal" option or "Interior waters": a multiple choice questionnaire of 40 questions on the theme of navigation, to which you will have to answer with a minimum of 35 correct answers.

Finally, if you are not European nationality and your boat license has not been obtained in the EU, you will not be able to claim a French driving title by equivalence. It will then be necessary to submit to all the tests of the boat license in France, theoretical and practical, to obtain a driving license for pleasure boats with French engine.


Use a VHF without French boat license

be careful: authorization to navigate in French waters with a foreign boat license Don't go hand in hand with that ofUse VHF ! Even authorized to navigate, you will not have the right to use
the equipment if you are not holder of Restricted radiotelephonist certificate (CRR). And this, whatever your nationality or the country of origin of your license.

To use a Maritime Radio VHF, to communicate with other ships, listen to the weather reports as to contact coastal operators, the French boat license obtained by equivalence is then very important. It will allow you to be in good standing, but also safe.

Support you in your efforts

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