Registering a boat in Delaware, a false good idea

At first glance, registering your boat under the Delaware flag may seem like an interesting solution for registering your boat .

On paper, and when we listen to the discourse of those who promote it, for the yachtsman who wishes to obtain a navigation flag easily and quickly, without spending too much, this is the ideal solution!

However, there are real constraints that lead us, boat registration experts at, to advise against this choice. We explain to you what it really is.

The Delaware Pavilion, or the promise of advantages for the yachtsman

During your research on the web, you will probably come across sites offering you the possibility of obtaining the Delaware flag in just a few days, for a handful of dollars, and with no obligation to reside in the territory.

It is true that the procedure does not cost very much if the annual representation costs are not taken into account. It can be done quickly and it is possible for boaters of all nationalities. The owner has the choice of registering his vessel for 1 or 3 calendar years, and the file to be compiled is simple: he does not need to collect a lot of documents.

These are the main reasons why boat registration in Delaware has been so successful in recent years!

Unfortunately, if the Delaware state flag offers several advantages, there are also very restrictive conditions which are obviously not mentioned, even in small lines.

Each situation must be studied, an advisor at your service!
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Registration in Delaware, valid only for boats that sail in the territory

The big downside of the Delaware flag , sometimes hidden by unscrupulous registration bodies , is that it only allows navigation in the territorial waters of the American state .

Even if the waters of Delaware are worth stopping there, it represents a very limited playground on the scale of the Blue Planet!

If you wish to register your vessel to sail in European territorial waters or elsewhere, this solution is therefore not an option for you.

Under this flag, you would be liable to sanctions, which could go as far as the seizure of your boat .

Faced with numerous requests for registration from foreign boat owners , the American state has also added several documents to be provided when compiling the file: in addition to the declaration of ownership of the boat, the applicant certifies that his unit will be used to sail exclusively on the territory .

In the event of a navigation project in other areas, the owner also undertakes to notify the state of Delaware , which in any case does not offer any protection to the vessel .

Except in a few very specific cases, it must be kept in mind that only a registration established by a State is valid internationally .

Delaware Pavilion and Customs

What about checks for vessels registered in Delaware ?

All extra-community flags are more subject to checks and verifications , particularly with regard to VAT . Control of temporary admissions and customs status of the ship, you will not be at the end of your surprises if you choose the wrong flag! In our opinion, the worst configuration is when you opt for the opening of a foreign company, why not in Delaware, to house your boat there: this risks leading to the loss of the “VAT paid” status, in other words the loss of the Grail to remain in Community waters without maximum delay and to facilitate the resale of your vessel later.

Did you know ? You are required to declare to the tax authorities of your country of residence the registration of your vessel abroad, regardless of the flag for which you have opted!

Which navigation flag to choose in your case?

As a yachtsman, it is necessary to inform yourself well about the different navigation flags to avoid making any mistakes, to find the ideal solution for your boat and to ensure that you are in good standing.

It is at this precise moment that the experts at come into play!

We study on your behalf the solutions available to you, to offer you a solution adapted to your needs. We carry out your formalities as soon as possible and we take care of all your paperwork, so that you can quickly leave for sailing.

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