Plastic Boat Circulation Map

Plastic Boat Circulation Map

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Get your new laminated traffic card for a boat under 7m and less than 22 administrative hp in 3 steps

  1. Validate your payment and get the start-up link and the SAFE NaviDoc code by email®
  2. You receive your new dematerialized traffic card by email
  3. With the code, receive your new traffic card laminated at home and ready to go to sea!

regulatory info: the traffic map must be on board the vessel and be presented to any requisition of the officers authorized to control the pleasure vessels. It can only be used for the use of the vessel for which it was issued.
The cardholder must declare, within one month, any change in the characteristics of the vessel (change of engine, name, port of registration, destruction...) or concerning the property of the ship (mutation of the ship

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