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Ship's papers: All you need to know about the ship's registration form

The registration form, what is it?

All recreational vessels registered or under construction on French territory are registered in the Boat Registration Register . They have, in fact, a Matricule sheet , which is also called Extract from the boat registration register . It is in fact, simply, an official document responsible for certifying the ownership of the pleasure craft. Several pieces of information appear on this sheet and are communicated therein:
  • Boat name and registration
  • Status of the vessel (deregistered for example)
  • The main characteristics of the unit (type of boat, date and material of construction, dimensions, type and power of motorization, etc.)
  • The marital status and nationality of the owner, or of all the co-owners
  • When the vessel is jointly owned, details of the number of shares or quotas of each
Finally, any mortgages granted on the vessel or deeds of seizure and rights on the vessel are also detailed on the extract from the register .

In which cases do we need a boat registration form?

The registration form of a pleasure boat is a document intended to be communicated to any third party who requests it, to prove ownership of the boat . It may be necessary to present or request this document in several situations. When buying a boat , for example, the future owner can ask the seller to present the registration card of his boat . The official document will help him in particular to authenticate the owner and secure the transaction:
  • He will verify, thanks to the registration form, that the civil status of the seller corresponds to what is indicated on the document (in other words, that the seller is indeed the owner of the unit)
  • He will ensure that the percentage of shares held is in accordance with what has been announced and that all the co-owners will be signatories of the deed of sale
  • He will inquire about a possible mortgage or seizure of the boat

Did you know ? The boat registration form is only valid for 24 hours from its issue. In case of purchase, it is recommended that the purchaser be particularly vigilant and check the validity date of this proof of ownership!

The registration form is also requested during devolution of inheritance, registration or lifting of maritime mortgage by the various services concerned. Sometimes, it can also be requested from the owner of a ship, for information, by the port authorities.

Get a registration card

Do you need the registration number of your pleasure boat for your sales, inheritance or maritime mortgage procedures, or to respond to requests from port authorities? experts are specialized in the request for official documents and can accompany you, whatever your project. Our team takes care of your papers and provides you with your boat registration form as soon as possible!
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