Who are we ?

Our service

Bateau-immatriculation.com simplifies the life of the boater.

With our expertise in boat registration, we offer you our specialized services to obtain your new navigation title.

We are the link between you and the competent administrations, Customs and DDTM (Maritime Affairs).

You buy a boat, new or used, you change the engine on your boat or you change your address, you must make a declaration to maritime affairs or customs, depending on the case, both!

You just have to follow the online instructions, we will guide you until you obtain your new navigation title. We offer support until you obtain your new traffic card from the DDTM or your new francization deed from Customs.

Depending on the desired approach, maritime affairs, or customs, may request more personal documents, don't worry, we are here to answer them.

Our team

Originally two brothers passionate about the sea and sailing. Raphael and Félix PILLET created in 2018 the platform www.bateau-immatriculation.com to represent boaters

French in their administrative process. "Sail Happy" sums up their support mission as well as their philosophy of life. One goal: to use their expertise in boat registrations for the benefit of all.

Boat-registration crew


Marine our customer relations manager, always available to inform you about your file!

Félix, passionate about sailing in all its forms, he is the architect of the site

Raphael, professional sailor, specialist in maritime administration, he always finds a solution!



A team of professional seafarers have come together to take care of your papers!

On the Channel coasts, the Atlantic coasts, the Mediterranean coasts our team is always ready to answer your questions, by phone or by e-mail. We will be able to find solutions as soon as possible.



Who are we ? – Bateau-immatriculation.com