Which Pavilion on my boat?

For whom and why?

Flying the national flag is mandatory. Your ship must register with the government. Every administrative status, nationality, use or history of the ship determines your best solution. Please trust our guidance!

Complicated or incomprehensible procedures?

VAT and community status, exit, EC certification, construction before 1998, etc. Don't worry, we've seen thousands of documents...

A ship without a flag?

The laws of some countries do not require ship owners to register. Some Scandinavian countries or countries such as Italy may propose to sell ships without national registration. We are experts in French and European registered ships.

Your dream ship is outside the EU? We also support your import of your vessel.

Purchase items?

Do you want to buy a privately owned yacht in France or Europe? Whether sailing or motorboat, we can accompany you to complete your project and help you avoid all the traps that turn your lifelong dream into a bad experience. We fight side by side with you to ensure that there is only happiness left.

Are you hesitating? Follow our guide! Or call +334 22 32 58 48

What is the type of your ship?

Vnm / Jesky Vnm
Motor boat Motor boat
Sailboat Sailboat

What is your nationality?

France or other European countries
Outside Europe

Where was your ship built?

Europe England, including those built before December 31, 2020
Outside Europe

When was it built?

Before 1998
After 1998

We suggest you choose a pavilion:

French Pavilion Poland Pavilion
French or Polish

If you have any questions or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Pavilion comparison

Detailed comparisons of all pavilions are available in our downloadable and printable formats.

Detailed comparison

Pavilion comparison

French Pavilion Poland Pavilion Belgium Pavilion Dutch Pavilion
All types of ships Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Entertainment and business Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Entertainment only Entertainment only
Accessibility by nationality european union whole world Belgian residents only Dutch residents only
MMSI French MMSI Polished MMSI MMSI selection MMSI selection
Provisional registration No, Yes, sir. No, No,
Validity of title a lifetime a lifetime Updated every 5 years Updated every two years
International recognition unlimited unlimited unlimited Depends on title

Our opinion

In general, it is difficult to provide expertise in ship flags without knowing the composition, source, destination, purpose, year of construction, etc. Generally speaking, the two European flags rank first, namely, the French and polish flags, One reason is obvious, and another may solve the problem of difficult registration according to reasons such as origin.

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