Registration of pleasure boats and navigation tax: changes in 2022

2022 brings its share of changes in the world of pleasure: procedure for recording boats, DAFN, dematerialization of navigation documents… takes stock of pleasure in 2022.

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Recording the pleasure boat in 2022


Since January 1, 2022, the administrative procedures linked to the registration of the pleasure boat for sea navigation are simplified. Indeed, the request for registration for maritime affairs and the request for francization of the boat to beat the French pavilion at the customs office merge into one: registration. It is carried out with the delegation to the sea and the coast (DML) or departmental direction of the territories and the nearest sea. This always concerns pleasure boats of more than 2.5 meters (sailboats, motor boats, engine nautical vehicles).


The DDTM will issue you a registration certificate in secure PDF format. It now replaces the traffic map and the deed of francization and assigns you an identification number (2 letters, initials of the instructor service (old maritime district), and 6 characters). Apart from a change (motorization, property, etc.) which must be declared within one month and will give rise to a reissue of the certificate, the document has an unlimited lifespan.

From 2022, we are no longer talking about a home port but a recording port.

The recording certificate must be present aboard the pleasure boat and must be able to be checked at any time by the authorized agent who would request it.

Although there is no format (paper or digital) clearly imposed, recommends that you print and laminate it in order to be able to present it during a sea check.

Good to know: if you have registered or francized your pleasure boat before January 1, 2022, the documents already in your possession remain valid

The DAFN and the right of passport merge in 2022

Until 2021, to sail at sea, you had to pay DAFN (annual francization and navigation right) or the right of passport (navigation under foreign pavilion by being a tax resident in France), with identical amounts. This concerns all the pleasure boats (sailboat, motor boat) more than 7 meters in hull length or with an engine with an administrative power of 22 administrative horses and the VNMs (jet ski, scooter of the seas) With a real power of 90 kW and more.

Since January 1, 2022, the DAFN and the right of passport have merged into a single annual tax on maritime vehicles for personal use. Payment of the tax is made between January 1 and March 31 online with the Maritime Affairs Department (and no longer of the Customs Office). There will be no modification of the amount, unless there is a change of engine: the allowance has been frozen since 01/01/2019, more possible developments.


Good to know: if you were already exempt from the payment of the DAFN or right of passport, you will also be exempt from the annual tax on maritime vehicles for personal use: human propulsion boat, kayak, stand up paddle, interior water navigation ...

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