DAFN and jet ski bridés

Recording a nautical motor vehicle (VNM)

Do you have a jet ski purchase project (or seas scooter)? To navigate in all serenity with your new nautical engine vehicle, administrative procedures are essential. In order not to forget anything, Boat-immamarculation.com explains everything to you on the recording of the VNM.

The term VNM, for engine nautical vehicles, is the name for jet ski

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Registration rules applied to engine nautical vehicles

 New regulation for jet ski bridged



In France, any new or used pleasure boat more than 2.5 meters in hull length must be registered and registered with the DDTM (Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea). The procedure is also compulsory for any VNM with real engine power equal to or greater than 90 kW. It must belong at least 50% to a national of the European Union (natural person or legal person).

By delivering a unique registration number, the maritime administration has the assurance that your boat responds well to the safety rules and that it is identifiable by the emergency services. This number must be visible on the jet ski shell.

Save a VNM: what changes in 2022

From January 1, 2022, there is no longer any need to perform the francization and registration approaches separately since the procedures merge into one: the recording of a ski jet. It is carried out with the DDTM (registration district).


The navigation rights also evolve in 2022. Until now, any person sailing under the French pavilion had to pay the DAFN (annual francization and navigation right), the annual amount of which varies according to the type of pleasure of pleasure and its dilapidation. If you sail under a foreign flag by being a foreign national tax resident in France, or by being French having chosen another pavilion (Dutch, Belgian, British, Polish pavilion ...), the right of passport applied, with an identical amount at DAFN.


Since January 1, 2022, there is no longer any distinction because DAFN and right of passport have been melted into a single annual tax on maritime vehicles for personal use. The amount will remain unchanged and can only vary in the event of a change of engine on your VNM and according to the adjustment of dilapidation, without being evolving. The tax is to be paid to the management of maritime affairs.

News also relate to the VNMs bridled


They will now be recorded taking into account their actual power. If it is more than 90 kW, you will have to pay the annual tax (new DAFN).

If you buy a used VNM previously recorded according to its restrained power, the update of the file linked to the transfer of property must take into account the actual power. It will generate an annual tax if the VNM displays a power greater than 90 kW.


Nevertheless, article L423-7 of the Impossible Code on goods and services and the note of the Ministry of the Sea dated January 24, 2022 provide details for pleasure professionals. If, and only if, you have an official approval for the initiation and the nautical hike framed in VNM, in accordance with the decree of April 1, 2008, you will be exempt from the annual navigation tax. It is to the recording of the VNM that you will apply for exemption, providing the approval decision and the written declaration of conformity attesting the power limit of the jet ski by the manufacturer. The approval being valid only for a year, you will have to quickly communicate its renewal or its stop.


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