The change in navigation zone

How to go from river registration to Maritime

In France, navigation in interior waters (river network, lakes, etc.) is less administratively administratively than maritime navigation. It is quite possible to pass your pleasure boat from one to the other, provided you navigate in good standing with French legislation. takes stock of the various procedures for changing the boating zone.

Good to know: the circulation card or the recording certificate obtained for maritime navigation allows you to navigate in interior waters but not the reverse

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Reminder on the conditions of navigation in interior water


All pleasure boats are allowed to navigate in French interior waters. Some must have a registration certificate (replaces the traffic card since January 1, 2022). This is the case:

  • The hull length is between 5 and 20 meters with a Lège displacement (length x width X drawing water) less than 100 m3, beyond contact us
  • The hull length is less than 5 meters but the engine power is equal to or greater than 4.5 kW (6 CV).

Below, the recording is not compulsory and remains optional.

Go from the maritime domain to the river domain: the steps

If you sail in a sea zone, or you bought a boat registered at sea, and you want to transfer your pleasure boat exclusively for river navigation, you will have to pay certain administrative procedures.

Radiation of sea waters is the first step. Once the boat has been tidy up, you can no longer navigate to the registration in river waters.

For example, a boat struck off at the start of the year, will be liable for the DAFN for the year started.

You must then get closer to the registration service on the river field of one of the six instructing services in France, if your pleasure boat meets the above criteria. offers you a personalized service for taking charge of all these administrative procedures. Simplify your lives, entrust them to our pleasure professionals!

During the recording, an identification number specific to the river field will be issued to you and must be focused on the boat (see our article on the lettering of the pleasure boats).




Request my change in navigation zone

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Go from the river to the maritime domain: the procedure



Recording the boat in the maritime zone

First of all, you must inform the instructor service of your intention to navigate at sea and request your radiation. Then, the recording procedures depend on the type of boat and are different from the river area. This registration to be made with the DDTM (Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea) is compulsory if:

  • the hull length reaches or exceeds 2.5 meters regardless of the propulsion mode
  • The engine reaches or exceeds a power of 4.5 kW.

Boat-Immatculation offers you to take care of all these steps for you.


Good to know: an identification number specific to the maritime field will be issued to you to registration and must be focused on the boat (see our article on the lettering of pleasure boats)


Navigation rights in the maritime zone


To calculate the amount of your DAFN (dilapidation included), we provide you with an intelligent calculator.

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In addition to registration, some pleasure boats are subject to the annual tax on maritime vehicles for personal use (replaces the DAFN and the right of passport since January 1, 2022):

  • shell length greater than 7 meters (sailboat, motor boat)
  • Administrative power engine of 22 administrative horses at least
  • VNM (jet ski, seas scooter) with real power of 90 kW and more.

Annual payment is made to the Maritime Affairs Department and a whole month started is due.


Good to know: these re -registration approaches are tax but also fall under your safety. Indeed, in the event of a claim or shipwreck at sea, research is carried out with the information in possession of the maritime authorities. An unspoken boat for maritime navigation slows down this research and therefore the chances of survival.



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