Radio / MMSI license

Radio / MMSI license

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"Whatever the size of your boat, the use of maritime frequencies is subject to obtaining a license from the ANFR. This license is attached to the boat, it must remain on board with the VHF"

Nautical Administrative Manager, EXPERTS take care of your papers

About the procedure:
One of our agents comes into contact with you to identify the radio equipment on board your ship. Fixed and/or mobile VHF must be registered with the administration

Recording usefulness:
Mainly the identification, equipment, user, ship and additional information. A set all the more useful in the event of a rescue at sea

In which case :
New owner of a pleasure boat, change of owner, change of your radio equipment on board the ship, any change in status is subject to declarative obligation

Practical info: The allocation of your license is final and it automatically renewed each year free of charge by the ANFR

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