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Route du Rhum, Transat Jacques Vabre, boat-immamarculation.com has the honor of accompanying the navigators of offshore race in its own way. Indeed, a racing boat must also be registered with the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea. Like all pleasure ships? Not quite, the regulations on the safety of experimental ships or competition is a matter of division 243. We are talking about it at the end of the article.

Make way for one of the biggest nautical events of the year, the Route du Rhum 2022 ...

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Rhum runners trust boat-immamarculation.com

You may have heard of this great transatlantic sailing race, whose departure will be given on November 6 in Saint-Malo? Yes, it's good to The Route du Rhum of which it is!
Since 1978, this legendary event connects the departure city every four years in Brittany to that of Pointe-à-Pitre, in Guadeloupe. The race extends over a distance of 3,543 nautical miles and brings together amateur and professional skippers, which sail alone.
Participants sail on six different classes of sailboats and try, in this time race, to arrive each time in their category. We distinguish :

  • Ultim 32/25, 32 meters long and 35 meters wide
  • The Ocean Fifty, multihulls with a length of 50 feet
  • IMOCA, 60 -foot monoccosa sailboats that we also see on the Vendée Globe
  • The Class40, 40 -foot monohull
  • Mono rums, 29 feet or more monocoques
  • Multic, multihull rums of 60 feet or more

For the 12th edition of the event, this year, 138 skippers are on the starting line. Boat-immamarculation.com had the privilege of accompanying two of them in preparing the race!

Laurent Camprubi, Skipper of the Class40 n ° 179 Romanesque ice cream

Laurent Camprubi is the first to have trusted the boat-immamarculation.com team for the administrative procedures to be carried out for its class40 Romanesque ice cream. The professional skipper called on our expertise for registering his racing boat, out of the South African construction site Cape Racing Yachts in 2022.

"Easy and quick, the boat-immamacing.com team has done a great administrative job!"


Laurent Camprubi was talked about this summer because of the misadventure on board, off Spain: after the loss of his navigation keel, his ship having turned, he spent more than 16 hours under his shell while waiting for the arrival of the emergency services. Without an air pocket of 30 centimeters allowing him to breathe, he would probably not have survived.

The Class40 Romanesque ice cream today fully repaired, Laurent Camprubi is preparing to start the Route du Rhum more determined than ever. So, will the 62-year-old Marseille skipper be the first of 55 skippers in his category to reach Pointe-à-Pitre?

Mikael Mergui, class40 skipper n ° 183 Centrakor

On board the Class40 Centrakor, Mikael Mergui also wanted to trust our team!
The one who made his first crossing of the Atlantic at the age of 5 years with the family and now runs offshore for more than 20 years has chosen great composite drops, in Calvados, for the construction of his ship. In addition to the release of the Class40 site, in 2022, the professional skipper wished to be accompanied by the professionals of boat-immachaculation.com for the realization of the administrative procedures linked to its ship.

"To prepare a rum route, we surround ourselves with the best: the team of boat-immamriculation.com has conducted all the administrative procedures for my boat in record time!"

The 41 -year -old Mediterranean who has more than a thousand races and regattas to his credit is also well placed to win the first place in the competition, in his category. So, do we take bets?

The team of boat-immamriculation.com thanks these two great sailors for having trusted him, and will share here the rest of their adventures. Good luck to them!

Other future nautical events
The collaboration of Bateau-immarculation.com with the offshore runners does not stop there, since the team also took care of the registration of the Class 40 Imagine: its skipper Matthieu Foulquier-Gazagnes will start on board In the fall of 2023, for the 16th edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre. An event that we will also follow closely ...


Did you know ?
Competition ships are regulated.Pleasure vessel, experimental or competition, in terms of security, there are obligations for all. The ships for offshore racing are therefore concerned and also require registration!
When the boats participate in competitions, division 243 applies. The regulations are then adapted, to correspond to the practice of sailing in more demanding conditions than during pleasure activities.
For these often innovative ships, from advanced research and design process, with increased performance, the monitoring capacities of installations and detection of damage, for example, must be reinforced. The same is true for radiocommunication and rescue instruments, the operation of which must be able to be better controlled.
For amateur or professional skipper, it is essential to ensure compliance with regulations to properly prepare your boat, put yourself in the best possible navigation conditions and ensure that you are safe. Moreover, without the approval of all points by the organization of the nautical event in which he wishes to participate, his participation can be refused!
What about pleasure?
If you own a VNM or a pleasure boat with a length less than or equal to 24 meters, you must refer to division 240 to find out your obligations.
To facilitate your navigations, allow you to be well equipped and in good standing, our team takes care of your registration, your pavilion changes and all the administrative procedures related to your ship.

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