Certificate of intra-community acquisition (tax clearance)

Certificate of intra-community acquisition (tax clearance)

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The intra-community acquisition certificate, or boat discharge

The Intra-Community Acquisition Certificate, what is it?

The Intra-Community Acquisition Certificate is an official tax document used in connection with the purchase of a boat under the Community flag and sold by a European citizen . It is more commonly known as Tax discharge for boat .

The boat quitus is a document which attests to the recognition by the French state of the community status of a boat, in other words a certification that the VAT on the boat has been paid . With the French maritime authorities, the role of the document is to certify the regularization of taxes on the importation of the ship, while the owner wishes to register his boat and sail under the French flag.

Clearly, the boat discharge certifies that the Value Added Tax (VAT) associated with the boat has been paid and that the owner of the boat is in good standing !

Quitus boat: which ships are concerned?

All vessels purchased from a foreign seller, within the European Union, are not affected by the Intra-Community Acquisition Certificate. Indeed, this certificate of regularization of the tax is only compulsory for sailing or motor boats whose hull length is greater than 7.50 meters .

In general, being fiscally in order always facilitates the process and avoids problems when buying or selling a boat . This is why, when buying a foreign vessel in the European Union, it is recommended that the purchaser collect without delay, directly from the seller, proof of his tax regularity, the purchase invoice of the vessel being the best evidence to provide. Without this, the buyer will be required to pay, once again, the taxes on the import of the vessel in order to proceed with the registration of his boat.

Quitus used boat

There are therefore two scenarios that need to be differentiated. When buying a second-hand boat registered under the Community flag, it will be compulsory to obtain a discharge to register it. A boat is considered second-hand 3 months after its date of purchase or from 100 engine hours , subject to being able to justify it!

Quitus new boat

A boat purchased new within the European Union must also be covered by a discharge. On the other hand, this time it is the buyer who will have to pay the VAT via the tax clearance directly to the tax service requested.

Obtain a boat discharge

Naturally, it is impossible to obtain a boat discharge without first having paid the taxes on the import of the boat. Also, the new owner is required to do so if it has never been done. But the payment of the fee does not automatically generate the document: to obtain an Intra-Community Acquisition Certificate, depending on the particularities of the ship and its country of origin, there are different documents to collect and more or less complicated formalities. to achieve.

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