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Change of ownership

This form is for the new owner of the ship, it is up to him to make the request. This applies to used boats and jet skis only, for a sale, a donation, a partial or complete assignment of the ship.

Engine change

When purchasing a new, new or used engine, you must serve your marine area or home port(Customs Office)The characteristics of the new engine, this applies to all types of engines and for all types of navigation title.

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First registration

For boats that have never been registered: new, purchased abroad, at the first registrations to the sea after delisting from the river register, for example.

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In the event of a move, you must provide your new address to the authorities, whether your ship is French or not. This applies only to moves.

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Radiation, export, exit from the pleasure fleet

To write off your ship is necessary during a destruction, for the purpose of a sale or export abroad, to trade, or to be removed for river crossing. Indeed, when you go from river to sea or vice versa, just when you export your boat, you must first request the delisting of the service from which your ship is registered.

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The time frames vary widely and depend on the administration chosen as well as the period.Indeed, a slowdown is observed from the spring until the end of the summer due to the large number of applications

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