Changing the owner of a ship already registered in France

Changing the owner of a ship already registered in France

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Make the change of boat owner online

Fill out the form for a change of boat owner, called a property transfer, in order to obtain a new traffic card or deed of francisation in your name

What type of boat change is involved in the change of ownership?

Motorboats and sailboats with a hull length of less than 24 meters, as well as jet skis, regardless of power.

Who needs to fill out this boat ownership change form?

This form is to be completed by the new owner of the boat, within one month of signing the deed of sale with the previous owner.

When do you fill out the boat ownership transfer form?

- following the purchase of a used boat in France, which already has a registration number and is registered with Maritime Affairs or Customs

- in case of donation or inheritance

- if you want to add co-owners, be careful, the distribution of shares is done on The deed of sale, please fill in the information of each co-owner of the boat here

- when you arrive at the end of your lease, in order to recover the entire ownership of the ship, it is not a change of ownership per se, however the approach is the same

When is the change of ownership form not suitable for me?

A Guide is available to help you identify the form, and therefore the request you need to make regarding your boat:

- if you bought a used boat abroad, EU or outside the EU

- if you register a pleasure boat for the first time

- if you want to get a duplicate navigation title

You are the proud owner of a pleasure ship, we are professional boating. Our mission is to ensure the smooth running of your boating process until you obtain your new Navigation Title.

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