Delays in obtaining a new navigation title

The end of 2019 marked a turning point in the deliverability of shipping titles, a dematerialization campaign October 1, 2019.

This major project in maritime administrations is not necessarily without consequences. The objective is clearly in the long run to facilitate and control the procedures for boaters.
For the most part, maritime affairs and customs offices have accumulated a delay of one to three months, facing as much as possible the challenges of the great digitization undertaken by the French State.

This is therefore true for both types of navigation title, traffic maps as well as acts of francisation.
A necessarily longer period of time is observed with regard to the acts of francisation: at issue the double validation of the title by customs, then the DDTM (maritime affairs).
Delays have been extended as a result of the two consecutive confinements, administrations are doing their utmost to catch up.

If you want to get your title faster, and as long as your instructor's office is open to the public, we invite you to travel directly to the nearest customs office or DDTM.


Delays in obtaining a new navigation title –