The registration of your ship in France

The reference for the enrollment of your ship in France and in the

Recognized by the French administrations, we are the reference service for the owners of recreation vessels with a French flag.
Leader in the sector for 5 years, our network and our experience allow you to obtain
fast and precise responses according to your administrative needs. Our customers go
From yacht owners to brokerage companies from around the world.


It is not necessary to be a French resident to register your ship in France

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Our specialization areas: Registration - Flag - VAT

Vessel registration

Whether you have already bought your ship as if you want to acquire a flag boat
French or foreign, our team takes care of all administrative procedures.

"We have used the company's services for two years and we are very happy
with his professional attitude and his experience in the sector.
I strongly recommend Raphael and his team to all who want to save
in time and money.
Thanks Rafael and Team! Momchil V., owner of a sailboat

Procedure in France

For a change of owner after the purchase of a second -hand vessel or
Any other procedure related to the French registry, we act in record time.
From the decline of the current flag before the competent authorities of the country, to the
complete enrollment in France or in the country of your choice.
Whatever the origin of the boat, we find a solution for each situation.
Stop getting out of an answer, contact us.

Low and registration procedure in a European country

Have you bought a ship with a French flag and want to get another flag? There are not
problem, we take care of the casualty of the French flag, an essential step
before registering your ship in another country. We know perfectly the procedure of
Low in France, as well as in all countries of the European Union and abroad.
Take advantage of our network and get the flag's low certificate in which you are
registered your ship. A service performed in the shortest possible time.

Countries that do not require ship registration
Does your ship come from a country where enrollment is not mandatory? For example, Italy for ships of less than 10 meters, Sweden, the Netherlands or Denmark ...

Our service is responsible for obtaining its non -registration certificate for the new registration.

VAT and Customs Rights

The purchase of a boat boat of a third country, such as the United Kingdom,
It may be subject to the payment of customs and VAT rights. Check out what is the
nature of your purchase, the regulations evolve, the hundreds of transactions that we have
followed in recent years, allow us to evaluate the weak points very precisely
of a boat acquisition file. A service that allows you to save
time, avoid administrative shipwreck and possibly save money!

Official Registry Verification

Are you interested in a boat located in France, but want to make sure your
property is correct? The worst case is to buy a ship that does not belong or has
stopped belonging to the seller who claims to be the owner. A simple check
will ensure that there are no maritime mortgages registered with the ship in question, and that it is
SELLER PROPERTY. We offer verification services with the authorities to
ensure your transaction.
A simple check is better than a long judicial procedure.

Ensure your transaction

 Are you looking for the ideal boat and want to make sure the purchase is made without

Internet ads, specialized web pages ... the offer of ships in the market
European and world has never been so accessible. Ensure your purchase with a procedure
of prior verification to purchase. Contact us and a specialist
You can take care of coordination with the seller to protect your interests.
We check the status of the boat, we carry out the checks of the registration of
the flag, certification and conformity for enrollment in France or for the
Obtaining the flag of your choice. We can also advise you on the best
Available options for you.

 Radio and MMSI number license

If you want to opt for the French flag, you should know that all recreation vessels
French are obliged to obtain a radio license from the National Agency of
frequencies (ANFR). Depending on the radio equipment installed on the boat,
You can assign a MMSI number. This service is offered by the equipment as a complement to
ship registration procedures. Do you need advice on the VHF team?
See our navigation experts.

French flag, VAT, advice prior to purchase?

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Do you want to secure your recreation boat? Get a proposal in a few clicks
of one of our partners! Ensuring a boat constitutes a legal obligation
according to the regulations of the country. As ship enthusiasts, all members of
Our team can only recommend good guarantees. In addition to the model of

Barco, your navigation program or your experience in the sea, the ship's flag is
also an admissibility criterion according to insurance companies. This is also the
Objective of our study and advice approach.

Why choose the French flag?

Speed: We can obtain a recreational vessel registration certificate in 15days

Economic: Contrary to popular belief, the French flag is one of the most
competitive, approximately 20% cheaper than a record with a polish flag

Validity for life: The flag is valid throughout the life of the ship. Although every 10
years a verification of the owner's data is carried out, it is only one
Informative update and not a renovation as in other flags

Accessibility: All European citizens have access to the French flag. To
foreigners, a 50% co -ownership with a European allows them to obtain the flag
French. It is not necessary to be a French resident. Our company offers a service
Domiciliation for the registration of your ship in France

Maritime experience is not required: No experience is required to register a ship
With a French flag, there is no security or periodic inspection as in the case of
The Spanish flag

Worldwide recognition: With recognition worldwide. It is provided from
2022 in English and French

Navigation permit: If you are national from a Member State of the European Union
And he has obtained his navigation permit, he is authorized to drive a boat to
Motor in French maritime waters. If your nationality is established in a country
outside the European Union (EU) and possesses
A driving title obtained in your country, or within the EU, see us

Notoriety: The French flag is an internationally recognized record, with a
warm reception and good reputation in all the ports of the world.
France has the second largest maritime coastline in the world, so it is where
Be, you will find resources and support of the flag if you need it

Some vessels may, depending on their characteristics, being subject to a
Annual tax. The calculation of this tax is different according to the age of the boat,
The fuel used and the type of engine, intra -abortion or outboard. Request your estimate

The other solutions

As administration professionals, our goal is to offer the most solutions
appropriate to the problems that boat owners can find in
Any part of the world.
That is why we propose in some cases to register your boat under another flag, the
List of possibilities is wide, here you have some options, Belgium, Holland, Poland,
San Marino, Delaware or others. Each boat is the subject of a previous study by
of our services to offer clear and precise answers to your questions and
Allow you to navigate with total tranquility. A series of parameters are taken into account for
Offer the best possible advice. Namely, nationality of the owners, area of
Navigation, type of boat, year of construction, port of origin ...
For an optimal study of your situation, it is important that we obtain the maximum
possible information about you. There is nothing better than a telephone conversation for
know what your needs are and raise an initial proposal.

The registration of your ship in France –