Choose a Polish pavilion for your boat, for whom and why?

Each decade to his fashionable pavilion. Belgium, then Holland, England will certainly return to the race. While for a few months emerged the new fashionable pavilion, Poland.

We mentioned the question several times, with regard to the registration of a boat in an intra -community country, there is no more advantage as it could be the case with Belgium a few years ago for example . Indeed as a reminder you will always have to pay the annual francization tax (which is called in this case a right of passport), moreover you will be subject to all the same obligations as the boaters registered in France, in matters of armament of Safety and navigation permit.

Why and for who ?

Except for French people with their tax residence outside France, there is no advantage to opt for this solution. Accessibility conditions are very little the same as in France. The only subtlety lies in the written declaration of conformity that the Polish pavilion does not require by systematically. A manual of owner or technical documents come from the manufacturer's site can act as "compliance" in the eyes of the Poles. Recall that this specificity is only valid for boats built after June 16, 1998, and jet ski from 2006. We regularly had boaters who bought a boat under a foreign pavilion built after 1998, and for which we have Found the certificate of compliance with construction sites, there are however some special cases where the site having definitively closed its doors, and it is impossible to obtain the sesame. In this case and only this case it may be advantageous to turn to the Polish pavilion, the establishment of a certificate of conformity by a specialized company that can be prohibitive.



Choose a Polish pavilion for your boat, for whom and why? –