Navigation title, traffic map and act of francisation

There are several types of navigation titles for the Pleasure, which depend on the navigation areas and the type of boat


Maritime domain

  • Traffic map in maritime waters

Formerly blue cardboard document, since the dematerialization, this navigation title comes in A4 format that you receive by email

  • Act of Francisation

Formerly an orange-coloured leaflet document, the new formats have been simplified

River Domain

  • Inland water traffic map

Concerns ships up to 20 metres

Formerly cardboard document, now dematerialized, it comes in A4 format, document now received by email


What navigation title for which navigation or type of ship

Maritime water traffic map

  • Motorboats and sailboats sailing at sea and occasionally in inland waters
  • VNM (motor-powered water vehicles) such as jet ski, sea scooter and sea bike, with a power of less than 90 KW, sailing at sea and inland waters
  • Between 2.5 m and 7 m in length, ET 22 administrative horsepower (DIN), which corresponds about 210 / 220 horsepower (not to be confused with the tax power of the engines)


Inland water traffic map

  • Motorboats and sailboats, between 5 and 20 metres long, and travelling less than 100m3. The movement of a ship is the product of its length, width and draught)
  • All vessels less than 5m in length but with a propellant power of 4.5 KW or more.
  • Below these criteria, the registration of a ship is not mandatory.
  • WARNING: Registration in inland waters does not give permission to sail in maritime waters!

Act of Francisation

  • For all VNMs, jet skis, sea bikes and sea scooters with a power of more than 90KW
  • For all motorboats and sailboats over 7 meters or with an administrative power of 22 or more tax horses.
  • All ships wishing to sail in international waters must be French, outside the special European agreement, you must inquire about the sailing areas that you will cross before your departure.


Navigation map

A navigation map is a paper (or digital) map, which can be paired with a GPS tracking system, used to locate itself in a geographical area. This document is mandatory on board a pleasure boat, as specified by Division 240, which regulates mandatory equipment to take on board any pleasure ship of 24 metres.

Navigation title, traffic map and act of francisation –