Alexia Barrier, The Famous Project

Skipper Alexia Barrier talks about her experience with

The French skipper Alexia Barrier, one of the few Mediterranean women to practice ocean racing, decided to call on for her new boat: a
MOD70, which she wanted to buy abroad.

Let's discover together how our team of experts carried out, for her, the procedures for importing her boat, customs clearance, registration under the French flag, and even her radio recording!

Thank you Alexia for agreeing to answer this interview about your experience with Bateau- To begin, can you introduce yourself in a few sentences?

“I grew up by the water, on the French Riviera, and I've been sailing since I was 3 years old. Today,
still based in the south-east of France, I am the only female Mediterranean sailor to
having completed the last edition of the Vendée Globe, aboard an Imoca. My new goal is
Jules Verne Trophy, in 2025. I am also president of the 4myplanet association: an association
which works to preserve the ocean through scientific and educational actions. »

Can you tell us about your new boat? How does this correspond to your new project? Why did you choose this one?

“To prepare for the Jules Verne Trophy, I needed a training boat. The one I chose is a MOD70: a trimaran with a hull length of 21 meters and a width of 17 meters. 7 MOD70s were built in 2011 and, at the time, they were a class of boats intended for single-handed or double-handed offshore racing. Today, they are used by the best multihull sailors on the planet, for crewed races. For me, it's the perfect tool for learning to sail a trimaran: it's a very fickle unit, like a bird. On board we are still sailing on the wire, at high intensity. »


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You have called on for the import, customs clearance and
recording your new MOD 70. Can you tell us what made you decide to trust
our team ?

“When it came time to register my new boat, I needed help. My MOD70 was registered overseas, with a foreign owner. I was head on the grindstone, in my financing files and in the search for sponsors phase, and I had neither the time nor the skills to carry out this kind of operation. »

How did the performance go? Are you satisfied with the services offered by BI? According to you,
what did this collaboration bring you?

“ carried out a project of excellence, at a high level. I met a friendly and expert team in their field, a field that is not mine, and I appreciated being able to take advantage of their skills. I find it exciting to be able to create a collective around a project, with different trades. In addition, it allows beautiful encounters. The team allowed me to acquire the boat and its papers very quickly, thanks to a high-performance and quality service. If I had to do it myself, it would have been very complicated and would have taken forever… So, thank you very much! »

Do you plan to use again in the future, for administrative procedures related to this boat or another?

“Obviously, for my next boats, I will call on without hesitation. For me, it's time and money saved, and above all, it's a relationship of trust for the realization of a professional job, with a lot of reactivity. »

What advice would you give to boaters or offshore racers who hesitate to call on BI for the administrative management of their vessel?

“To those who hesitate to surround themselves with experts like, I would say that everyone has their own skills and specificities, their own talent. If you feel that it is going to take you a long time and above all to take your head, because you do not master ship registration operations, because your boat is registered abroad or because your case is not not simple, do not hesitate to call them. I recommend 300% for the administrative management of your vessels. »

Did you know ?
Competition vessels fall under Division 243.
If you are the owner of a VNM or a pleasure boat less than or equal to 24 meters in length, your vessel falls under division 240. Questions about safety conditions and equipment for navigation? Consult our team.

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