Boat and motor deed of sale models

Find all the models of the deed of sale for a pleasure boat and the list of papers required for the sale or transfer of a vessel

When selling or transferring a motor boat, sailboat or jet ski, the rules are the same to follow. Among other preventive measures regarding the purchase of a second-hand boat, it is very important to scrupulously fill out a bill of sale for a pleasure vessel, or a boat transfer form. Regardless of the type of boat sold, bought, or transferred, the format of the deed of sale remains the same.

List of papers to provide when selling a boat

In addition to the deed of sale, you must give the new owner the original (s) of the boat's navigation titles, namely:

  • The circulation card in maritime or inland waters
  • The act of francization
  • Both for a vnm with a power greater than 90 kw

Deed of sale or transfer of a pleasure boat

The deed of sale of a motor boat, sailboat or other jet ski type VNM (nautical motor vehicle) must be completed by the seller (s), as well as the buyer or all buyer co-owners, with the largest care.

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Special cases during a sale or transfer of a boat

Co-ownership and distribution of the boat's shares

In the case of joint ownership, the distribution of the boat's shares is done only through the deed of sale. You must therefore indicate very clearly and in full, the distribution of the shares of each of the new owners, obviously reaching a total of 100%.

The deed of sale of the boat must imperatively be signed by all the sellers AND buyers of the motorboat, sailboat or jet-ski, otherwise the property transfer file will be refused.

Likewise, when you complete a change of boat owner form, a first vessel registration, new or used, or any other form relating to said boat, you must indicate the number of co-owners: 1 = you are sole owner, 2 = 2 co-owners, etc.

We remind you that all the documents relating to the sale or transfer of a boat in joint ownership, must be signed by all the parties, otherwise there will be systematic refusal of the file. The same co-owners must appear on the deed of sale AND on the form.

Inheritance of a boat, what papers to provide?

In case of inheritance of a pleasure boat, during the procedures to obtain the transfer of ownership of the vessel in your name, you will have to provide proof that it now belongs to you.

You must apply for a devolving certificate from the notary responsible for the succession of the deceased's property. To do this, you must present to the notary the family record book (s), the death certificate and the civil status documents, in order to determine with certainty the identity of the person entitled to the succession. This document acts as a deed of sale.

Buying a vessel abroad, how to transfer ownership?

The purchase of a pleasure boat outside mainland France should be done with caution. You will have to establish a deed of sale as previously indicated between seller (s) / buyer (s).

Essential documents when buying a used vessel abroad

It is clear that it is much easier to obtain ownership of a vessel previously registered in the EU zone, however the vessel documents to be provided are quite similar.

The certificate of delisting from the foreign flag, the government is to be asked where the vessel is currently registered. The time and price of obtaining are very variable from country to country. For example, Britain charges this certificate 45 euros, you will get it in a few days. On the other hand, Italy does not charge for the obtaining of sesame, the deadlines are accordingly.

We strongly advise you to make the sale, and therefore sign the deed of sale of the boat only once the seller has provided you with the certificate of delisting. It will always be easier for a national of his own country to obtain this document.

A Written Statement of Compliance (DEC) may also be requested for ships built from 16 June 1998, or from 2006 for jet skis.

Deed of sale of a boat engine

When you change the engine on your pleasure boat, you must report it to the authorities.

The deed of selling a used engine purchased between individuals, is to be attached to the property transfer form, as long as you have changed it.

In the event of a first registration, if the engine installed on the boat is used, you will also need to attach a deed of sale of used engine between individuals, in the absence of having a purchase invoice from a professional.

Download adeed of sale for the sale or acquisition of a used engine between individuals


Engine landing certificate

When you change engines on your ship, it is imperative that you declare the engine landing ahead. To do this, you will have to accompany your file with an engine landing certificate, surrounding the reason that corresponds to the reasons for disembarking.


Download here a certificate for the disembarking one or more engines from a pleasure boat?


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Reminder : the property transfer formalities must be carried out with the Maritime Affairs Department.

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