Pleasure Craft Traffic Card

Find out about the movement map of a pleasure boat in marine waters

A traffic map is a type of navigation title, one could compare it to a gray boat card, it is the title of the most common pleasure boat property

What navigation title for which boat?

The sea-water circulation card concerns only motor boats, and sailboats with a length of less than 7 metres, and a motor power, expressed in tax horses, less than 22 administrative horses.

The jet-ski of a power less than 90 kw (power expressed in kilowatt), as well as kayaks wishing to navigate beyond the 300 metre zone, must be registered and therefore holders of a traffic card.

My boat is more than 7 metres and/or more than 22 administrative horses

In the event that your motorboat or sailboat is more than 7 metres in length and/or an engine power expressed in tax horses over 22 administrative horses, you must make your boat franciser and obtain an act of francization.

Know all about the act of francization

Understanding my card

Maritime Traffic Map Recreational Boat Model

All information on the circulation card of a pleasure boat less than 7 metres

Category of navigation for which the vessel is registered


Vessel submersibility

A boat is declared unsinkable during its manufacture, after having undergone a battery of tests validated by the maritime administrations, this characteristic is not modifiable


Name given to the vessel and recorded on the traffic map

Name of the baptism of the boat, which you can modify on demand


Owner Information

In case there are more co-owners of the vessel, only the first two are written in all letters, the following are registered administratively but do not appear on the circulation card. Refer to "Number of owners"


HIN number, CIN or WIN of the shell

This is the identification number of the shell, it cannot be modified


Vessel Vessel Registration Number

This number shall be assigned by the maritime authorities at the first registration of the vessel, consisting of Two letters to the Marine Affairs Office Instructor of the file (e.g. TL for Toulon). Follow up to 6 characters, 1 letter + 5 digits or 6 digits, and a key letter. If you apply for a new traffic card as a result of a change in ownership, if you change an IP office, only the first two letters will be modified


Traffic Card Instructor Service

Bureau of Maritime Affairs which has instructed the registration of the vessel


Maritime and river traffic map new model

This is the new model for recreational boat traffic, less than 7 metres in length and an administrative power of less than 22 tax horses. The new charts of sea traffic have now been dematerialised since 1 October 2019, so the shipment is by mail via the email address of a software of the state called PUMA

In the case of river registration only, the format is the same, there is no differentiation of size or engine power.

Know About the New Pleasure Craft Traffic Card

Owner and Manager Concept

The great novelty on the traffic maps, apart from the dematerialization, is the appointment of a manager, only in case there are several co-owners of the boat. This will serve as a reference in case of rental of the boat and person to contact in case of damage


Validity of the traffic card

Another novelty on the new dematerialized circulation cards, they now have a validity date of 10 years, this will be renewed on request as the date approaches.
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