What advantages to carrying another pavilion than French?

Why register a boat in Belgium? In Holland ? And Poland then!? These questions come back regularly, and if you are not yet a owner, or happy new, you have certainly seen passing of boats beating European pavilion sold by French people, on the very supplied market on the occasion.

Small point on frequent questions

Benefits on safety armaments

Clearly there are none! Was a time when the pavilion gave the possibility of navigating with the safety armament that the country imposed in its territorial waters, regardless of the navigation area. It's over ! Now regardless of the pleasure pavilion that the boat carries, when it sails in French waters, it is armament imposed by French maritime affairs, with the Division 240 as a repository.

Navigation permit

The same is true that for the security armament, regardless of the pavilion that the boat carries, the head of the on -board must hold a navigation permit in line with the area where he navigates and his skills. Admittedly there are equivalences between European countries, but it is not possible to navigate with a Belgian coastal edge patent, more than 6 miles from a shelter in France. Just like without a license, aboard a beating boat, you are forbidden to take the sea on a motor boat exceeding 4.5kw.


Francisation taxes

The angry question, should I pay a francization tax if I buy a boat beating another pavilion than the French? And the answer is as logical that is the severity towards the French state against its fraudsters, yes! This is valid for absolutely all pavilions, if your boat is subject to francization, of course.

"But my boat is in Greece, beats the English pavilion and I live in France, does that count?" It matters the same! The francization tax is liable by all French residents in France. French resident?

"In France, to find out the place of his tax residence, it is necessary to take into account different criteria. Under article 4 B of the general tax code, a person is considered to have his tax residence in France if:

  • In France, she has her home or her main place of stay.
  • In France, she exercises a main professional activity.
  • It has in France the center of its economic interests. "

Than drawbacks? Not really, thanks to all this we have water bodies with boaters holding a serious permit (as on the road there are young barners and less attentive barriers), and boats with safety equipment required to cope in the event of a glitch. Regarding taxation, I let you make your own opinion, remember that it is thanks to this francization that the coastlines are maintained.

The "great business" of boats under a foreign pavilion are always to be taken with care.



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