Registration of a boat in Holland, ICP & Watersportverbonde

It is therefore no longer possible to register a boat in Holland with the Watersportverbond from March 1, 2021, unless you live in Holland.

Navigation titles known as "ICP" for "International Certificaat Pleziervaartuigen", which were issued by the Dutch association Watersportverbond, itself approved by the government, no longer has the right to issue non -residents.

You may have received, or a neighbor from Ponton, a letter from the Watersportverbond, signifying the end of the renewal of their navigation title.

If this is not yet the case, prepare!

Indeed, as of 2021, the title of ICP navigation will no longer be renewed by Dutch non -residents. Why ? Here are some explanations and a history of the scandal revealed by the Dutch journalist Siebe Sietsma, whose report in Dutch under titled English.

As a reminder, the objective of the Watersportverbond was to offer more affordable navigation titles than the least known recording Kadaster, in order to motivate the more modest boaters to take a bar in your hands and enjoy the Dutch channels and coast.

The success was dazzling but above all unexpected since these recordings were, thanks to European agreements, open to all citizens members of a country of the European Economic Area.

With very facilitating access conditions, and a means for many boaters to escape the taxation due in their country of origin, the Watersportverbond found itself with a number of boats recorded under its certificate which it would have gone well. Between large seizures of narcotics and boats no longer being up to standards, several European countries have decided to end the possibility of navigating their territorial waters, if the boat was recorded under Dutch ICP


The government's first pressure stroke was to impose on the Watersportverbond to modify the mention of pavilion on the navigation titles it emitted, Flag: Holland has become flag: not applicable, to simplify you can no longer wear the pavilion Dutch and are therefore no longer welcome in the majority of European marina. Knowing that these navigation titles must be renewed every 2 years, no one could go through.


Boat fixed assets started in Italy, followed Spain and then Greece, which are all three particularly acclaimed navigation areas not the boaters in summer.

Second pressure from the Dutch state, the non -renewal to Dutch non -residents. On March 1, 2021 to be exact, the new ICP navigation titles will no longer be renewed and the boaters forced to find an alternative.


For French boaters, you can register your boat in France, the "pavilion" boat of an intra -community country, the procedures are simplified. The problem often lies in the presentation of a written declaration of compliance, many owners went to register their boats in Holland because they did not have this document in their possession.

As a reminder, the DEC only entered into force from 06/16/1998, so all the boats built before this date do not have to provide a DEC.

For citizens' boaters of a member country of the European Union, no problem to register a boat in France, they will be subject to the same rules as the French.

The Polish pavilion is frequently cited in forums or on pontoons. Just as serious as any European pavilion, it is valid for life, without renewing, but does not solve the problem of DEC.

Indeed, the Polish authorities do not systematically require the written declaration of compliance but ask to replace this with photos of the signage plate and the CIN number, as well as a manual of the owner and technical sheet of the boat from the manufacturer's site. Please note, this option is not systematically valid, it will be necessary to submit the file in order to have confirmation.

 Plaisance has as many particular cases as there are boats, with regard to the change of pavilion we must have all of the pieces in order to be able to advise you best.








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