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Recognized by the French authorities, we are the go-to service for owners of pleasure boats flying the French flag.
As a leader in the field for five years, our network and our knowledge enable you to get prompt, accurate answers to your administrative questions. Our clients range from yacht owners to brokerage companies across the whole world.


We have used the company services for two years and we were very happy with their
professional attitude and domain expertise.
I highly recommend Raphael and his team to everyone who wants to save time and
Thank you, Raphael and the team! Momchil V., Sailing-boat owner

No matter what the origin of the boat, we can always hit upon a workable solution. Don't let your questions go unanswered - get in touch with us.

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Our Areas of Expertise


Boat Registration

No matter if you already own a boat or if want to buy one with a French or foreign flag, our
team handles the entire administrative side of things for you.

Procedure in France

We act quickly for any kind of French registration-related operation, including a change of
owner following the purchase of a used vessel.
From complete registration in France or the nation of your choosing to the de-registration of
the present flag with the relevant national authorities.

De-Registration and Registration Procedure in an EU Country

Have you bought a boat under the French flag and would now wish to obtain another flag?
No problem: we take care of the French flag de-registration required prior to registering your
yacht in another country. We are entirely familiar with the de-registration process in France as
well as in the other member states of the European Union and other countries.
Use our network to get the removal certificate for the flag that your ship is registered
under. a service carried out with all the urgency you would expect.

Countries That Do Not Require Vessel Registration

Getting your non-registration certificate for the new registration is taken care of as part of our service.

VAT and Customs Duties

The acquisition of a yacht flying a different flag, such as the British one, can be subject to VAT
and customs fees. Check now to see what kind of purchase you are making; rules are
always changing and the hundreds of transactions we have tracked over the past few years
allow us to assess a boat acquisition file's weak points with extreme precision. Bear is a
service that enables you to save time, avoid the mess of paperwork, and maybe make
significant financial savings!

You are interested in a France-based boat and want to verify that its ownership is all above
board? Purchasing a yacht that does not belong (or no longer belongs) to the seller who
purposes to be its owner is a nightmare situation. A simple check can verify that the vessel in
the question is the seller's and that there are no maritime mortgages recorded on it. To protect
your transaction, we provide administrative verification services.
A quick check is preferable to a drawn-out legal process.

Secure Your Transaction

Are you hunting for the right boat and hoping your purchase will be a success?
Online ads, specialist websites, and the availability of boats on the European and global
market have never been more abundant. Pre-purchase verification can protect your
purchase. If you get in touch with us, an expert can communicate with the seller on your
behalf. When registering the vessel in France or under the flag of your choice, we examine
the vessel's status and perform flag registry inspections, certification, and compliance.
Additionally, we can help you decide which of your selections is ideal.

Radio Licence and MMSI Number

If you are looking to acquire the French flag, you must be aware that all French pleasure
boats are obliged to obtain a radio licence from the national frequency agency (ANFR). An
MMSI number may be assigned based on the radio equipment installed on the vessel. The
team also provides the service in addition to ship registration. Need advice on VHF
equipment? Ask our navigation experts.


You want to insure your pleasure boat? Get a proposal from one of our partners in just a few
clicks! In many countries, registration of a boat is a legal obligation. All of our team members
are boat aficionados, so they will only suggest solid warranties. Insurance companies will
require information on the flag of the boat, in addition to the model of the boat, your sailing
programme and your expertise at sea. This is also the goal of our research and consulting

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Why Choose the French Flag?

Speed: we can get you a pleasure boat registration certificate within 15 days.

Economical: contrary to popular belief, the French flag is one of the most competitive in
terms of price, at about 20% cheaper than a Polish flag registration.

Lifetime validity: the flag is valid throughout the operational life of the vessel. Even if the
owner's information is checked every ten years, this is merely an update for informational
purposes rather than a renewal as required with other flags.

Accessibility: all EU citizens have access to the French pavilion. The French flag can be acquired by non-citizens of the EU if the boat is 50% co-owned with an EU citizen. You don't have to be a French resident. For the registration of your boat in France, our business offers
a domiciliation service.

No maritime survey or tonnage measurement required: a vessel may be registered under the French flag without the need for expertise or a safety visit or periodic survey, unlike under the Spanish flag.

Global recognition: it is recognized all over the world. Since 2022, it has been issued in English and in French.

Navigation permit: if you are a national of a member country of the European Union and have obtained your navigation permit, you are authorized to operate a motorboat in French maritime waters. If your citizenship is in a country outside the European Union (EU) and you
have a driving licence obtained in your country, or within the EU, get in touch with us.

Reputation: the French flag enjoys a warm welcome and a good reputation in all ports
across the world. It is an internationally recognised landmark.
Since France has the second-longest marine coastline in the world, you can find resources and flag support wherever you are.

Depending on their particularities, some vessels might be obliged to pay an annual tax. This tax is calculated differently based on the age of the boat, the fuel type, and the inboard/outboard engine type. Ask for your free estimate.

Other Solutions

Our goal as administrative professionals is to provide boat owners everywhere with the best
solutions to any issues they might run into.
Because of this, we will occasionally suggest that you register your yacht under a different
flag. The list of options is extensive; a few of them include Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland,
San Marino, Delaware, and others. Our services conduct a preliminary analysis on each
boat in order to give you accurate, lucid responses to your inquiries and enable you to sail
completely worry-free. To give you the best advice possible, a lot of factors are taken into
account: nationality of the owners, sailing area, type of boat, year of construction, home port,
and so on.

We need as much information from you as we can get in order to study your case as best we
can. Nothing is more effective than a phone call to discuss your needs and a preliminary

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for advice

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